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Satellite Repair

Satellite and Roof Repair

This home had a satellite that had been improperly attached to the roof which had caused interior damage as well as substantial rotting of the roof deck. To correct the damage was a three-part process.

1.      First, we had to completely remove shingles, underlayment, and the compromised decking. The most important part was to ensure that ALL rotten wood be removed. This is to guarantee the mold does not fester and spread within the living space.

2.      Next, we cut new decking, and installed new underlayment plus new shingles on top. A key in this step is ensuring your underlayment and shingles tie into the existing roof properly. Doing so will allow water to shed correctly and help mitigate any future leaks.

3.      The last step was reattaching the satellite. Here you can see we drove the lag bolts through pieces of sheet metal and then into the roof. Afterwards we liberally coated the penetrations with roof caulking. While roof caulking is highly durable and will last for many years, it does not adhere well to asphalt and only moderately well to plastics. Therefore, we used the sheet metal as a substrate which will allow the caulking to form a water tight bond between it and the lag bolt.

It’s the little things that count!


At Republic Roof Systems we pride ourselves on the details. By taking our time and utilizing additional materials not typical of most roofers in this situation, we were able to give our clients peace of mind that their satellite woes were over for good!