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Ridgevent Addition

Following the repair on their satellite, this client called us back out to address some additional leaks they had noticed. After careful inspection, we concluded the leaks were being cause by improperly installed ridge shingles which were beginning to sag, allowing water to pool and seep beneath. The solution here was simple: open up the ridge, install ridge vents, and then install new shingles on top.

Having proper airflow through your attic is very important for your roof to work correctly. So much so, there are strict building codes throughout Texas stipulating the minimum amount of air intake and exhaust based off your attic's square footage. In the summer, proper airflow allows your roof to exhaust hot air out the top thereby cooling your home as well as cooling your roof which increases shingle longevity. In the winter, it prevents condensation from building inside your attic which can lead to mold.

This roof had plenty of soffit vents for air intake, but almost no air exhaust. Sadly, this was likely done by the previous roofer to save time and money. Luckily after running the numbers, we were able to bring their home up to code with the installation of just 50’ of ridge vents.

This served a duel purpose: it allowed their home to ventilate its attic properly, and the support of the ridge vents ensured the new shingles would never sag and never leak.